” I just got off the webinar for Year End Planning with Tracy Repchuk, and within 30 minutes I sold a $3000 program from the inspiration and lessons she taught on it. You ROCK Tracy!!”
- MarBeth Dunn, Miami FL

“I made $11,000 from stage my very first time only because I followed her formula and completely redid my offer and order form”
- Dr. Elizabeth Naylor

Certified Intrinsic Coach

“In only 3 weeks I had made over $38,000 for my first sell from the stage appearance thanks to her presentation and close formula.”
- Chelsea Krost

TV & radio talk show host, millennial lifestyle expert, author and speaker

“Tracy, so thankful that our paths crossed, such perfect timing. What an opportunity I have had to witness a genius in action. We are all blessed to have our gifts to serve others, and for you to help us create our unique message in such a simple manner. Thank you for this community of amazing people.”
- Suzi Nelson, Denver CO

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