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The market is changing again, the rules have been thrown out, social media has added another level of complexity and influence is the new standard. I’m about to reveal the next playbook you need to succeed.

You’ll Discover …

  • How to get in front of hundreds, thousands, even millions of people who want to hear from you.
  • Four ways to make money speaking (and only one of them is paid keynotes!).
  • How to get on TV and Other media and achieve Instant expert status (eve if you’re toiling in obscurity now)
  • Easy ways to fast-forward your fame online even if you’ve been behind the cure on social media!
  • and much more!
Stop Being The Best-Kept Secret in Your Industry
Are you tired of seeing younger people with less experience pop on to the scene and garner all the attention. I’m about to reveal how they do it so you can too..
Earn More in 90 Minutes Than You Normally Do in a Month. 
I’ll show you what I did with a brand new millennial client in under 3 weeks that resulted in her making $38,000 from one stage on her very first time (and how we are turning that into 6 figures)
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In the next few weeks I’m going to give you pre-work, exercises and some gifts that will come all together on the class. Once you arrive – you’ll receive the class exercise as well so you can fill in the blanks as we move through the steps that can change the trajectory of your career and put you rapidly on the next level.